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Meet Me! Blogger Scene's Summer Cocktail Party



Are you a blogger, thinking about starting a blog, or a brand that wants to connect to bloggers? If so, then you should come out to the next Blogger Scene event! It's taking place on June 9th at the VIDA Penthouse Pool & Lounge at The Yards in DC! Lots of local bloggers, along with myself, will be there. CLICK HERE for more details.

Fun back story about myself and Blogger Scene--

When I first moved to the DC area a year ago I had barely any friends. Honestly, it was depressing...I went from having friends and knowing every door guy and dj at every bar to essentially knowing NO ONE. The saying "little fish in a big pond" seemed more like "little fish in a MASSIVE OCEAN" at the time. Since I knew I wanted to start a blog, I sought out some DC bloggers on Instagram to start following (p.s. I'm obsessed with following fashion bloggers on Insta-- I could look at outfit posts all day errrday). One of the bloggers I found was Ashley in DC. Randomly, I saw a post that she put up on her Insta about a blogger event. I left a comment on the Blogger Scene Insta that it sounded fun and that I wanted to go. They reached back out and said that I definitely needed to come. Naturally, I called all of the TWO people I knew in DC and asked if they wanted to go; they couldn't. I thought there was no way in hell I'd want to go by myself, because A. I didn't even have a blog yet. B. that's SUPER scary and out of my comfort zone and C. I had nothing to wear. A, B, and C all seemed pretty lame, but I psyched myself out enough to not want to go anymore...

The day of the event came around and I still wasn't planning on going and still couldn't believe I had no one to go with me, even if I did want to go. Then, out of the blue I received a comment on Insta from Blogger Scene saying that they couldn't wait to meet me that night. At that moment I realized I was being a giant wimp, so I put on my big girl panties, threw on a random outfit, hopped on the redline, and went to the event all by myself. I had no idea what to expect and was extremely nervous walking in.

I ended up having a great time, one too many glasses of wine, and splitting an Uber with Natalie of The Fashionably Broke. Natalie became the first friend I ever made in DC and now we talk everyday and even work together. If it weren't for her I was beginning to think I'd never meet a nice person in DC (no offense people-- I just hadn't met any up until that point).

Moral of the story: Come to the Blogger Scene event (even if it's by yourself), because you never know who you'll end up making a connection with and even better-- you could leave with a new BFF.

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