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Disney Outfit Inspo



1. Mickey Tank // 2. Minnie Ears // 3. Nike Shoes // 4. Crossbody Bag // 5. MAC Lipstick in "Kinda Sexy" // 6. Sunglasses ($7 "inspired" pair: here) // 7. Fitbit // 8. Yoga Leggings

I'm officially on vacation! Woo whoooo!!! I love my job, but it's nice to get away from work for a while and head back home. Since my boyfriend and I didn't get to celebrate our 5-year-anniversary together, we're celebrating it while I'm on vacay. He booked a hotel in Orlando for 4 days and we're going to Disney. I can't wait!

You'd think that since I grew up less than 2 hours outside of Orlando, that I'd be sick of Disney by now, but that is not the case. Growing up, I only went to Disney less than a handful of times (I'm one of 5 children). It wasn't until I was grown and met my boyfriend that I really got to take advantage of living so close to the parks. Of course, now I live almost 1,000 miles away and rarely ever get to go. That's why I'm so excited to hop in the car come Friday and go to the happiest place on Earth. Make fun of me if you want, but just try to go to Disney and not have fun. It's impossible. Disney is the shiz. There, I said it.

Do you love going to Disney as an adult too? I can't possibly be alone...

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