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Valentine's Day Gift Guide + How Jimmy Fallon Almost Ruined Valentine's Day


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Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and if you're in a relationship then hopefully you've already picked out the perfect gift. In the slight chance that you haven't, you still have a little time! That's why Brian and I worked together to create a last-minute his & hers gift guide. Hope it helps!

OH! And I HAVE to tell you the story about the gift Brian got me! Spoiler alert: It ends with me having to apologize for Jimmy Fallon...yes, the Jimmy Fallon.

First, the back story: I was recently wearing the Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet that Brian got me for Christmas. Unfortunately, there seems to be a defect with them, because it falls off a lot and the tracker often falls out. Well, that happened at a restaurant and I looked all over for the tiny black tracker, but to no avail. My Fitbit was nowhere to be found.

Fast forward to this week: Brian knew I didn't have a Fitbit and that I always wear it, so instead of waiting till Valentine's Day, he surprised me with one this week! I was not expecting him to even think of getting me a new one. I thought the Fitbit was a great gift! Jimmy Fallon on the other hand...apparently didn't. I'll explain...

Last night: Brian and I were watching Jimmy Fallon, like we always do. LOVE HIM! Well, his "Pros and Cons" bit came on. Brian loves this bit so much that he even sings along with the jingle, "Pros and Cons and Pros and Cons". We were BOTH cracking up and enjoying the segment, that was until a minute in... Fast forward to 1:10 to see why:

Needless to say, Brian felt like crap...yet, I couldn't seem to stop laughing! I thought it was freaking HILARIOUS! Here is Jimmy Fallon making fun of the EXACT gift Brian had just given me! SO FUNNY, right?! Brian didn't think so.

Brian started explaining his reasoning about why he got me the Fitbit and said that he didn't mean it offensively or anything like that. I knew he didn't, but that still didn't stop me from laughing and MAYBE rewinding that part to watch it again. He turned over in bed upset, convinced that I now HATED my Fitbit and that I just didn't want to tell him that it was a "crappy Valentine's gift". Maybe rewinding the segment was a bad idea...

"I SWEAR I LIKE THE GIFT!" I kept telling him that Jimmy Fallon doesn't know the situation and that I really do love the Fitbit, "I'm sorry for laughing! I'm so sorry! I love the Fitbit! Jimmy Fallon didn't mean it! He's sorry too!" I continued chuckling. That was the first night in our almost six years of dating that Brian went to bed mad at me.

I get that his feelings were hurt and thankfully he accepted my apology. I still find humor in the entire thing though, and while Jimmy Fallon might have meant what he said, I meant it too-- I really do like my Fitbit Valentine's Day gift.

Sorry, Brian! <3

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