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DIY: Easter Koozies


IMG_3134 What's better than an Easter basket? How 'bout an Easter koozie!? Maybe it's just because I'm a Florida girl, but I LOVE a good koozie! This year will unfortunately be the first Easter that I will be spending away from my family, so instead I'll be celebrating with some of my awesome girlfriends! Initially, I was thinking about making all of the girls some mini-Easter baskets, but that sounded exhausting in my head and a bit pricey. So instead, I give you: The Easter koozie!

I found these awesome koozies on Instagram from and I knew they were perfect for my little koozie basket project. The best part-- they were only $5! Holla! ::insert me doing the "Single Ladies" dance here::

Next, I needed to find candy that fit in the koozies perfectly. I lucked out, because Trader Joe's had "gourmet jelly beans" (fancy! huh?) and chocolate bars that both fit perfectly into the koozie. Don't mind me...I'm just the random chick shoving various things into a koozie at Trader Joe's...nothing to see here. ;)

I picked up some cards at Homegoods, grabbed some ribbon and crinkle paper at Target and viola: my Easter koozies were complete! Let me know what you think and leave a comment below! Do you still do some form of an Easter basket?


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