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Home Decor

My DC Apartment Tour: Living Room + Dining Nook + Reflecting On My Time In DC



4 Mirrored Pictures // Couch (bought from a friend) // White Fur Pillow // Other Pillows (check your local Homegoods) // Mirrored End Table (check your local Homegoods) // Silver End Table- no longer available at Target, but similar Here // Lamps (check your local Homegoods, but similar Here) // White Shag Rug // Black Wood Dining Table (Craigslist, but similar Here // White Bowl on Table (check your local Homegoods) // Grey Zebra Dining Chairs  // Coffee Table // Mirrored Tray on Coffee Table // Glass Candle Holders // Marble Coasters (Homegoods, but similar Here) // Mirrored Buffet Table // Cream Throw Blanket on Couch (Target, but similar Here // Circular Wicker Basket // Blankets in Basket-- Costco and Homegoods // Framed Washington, DC Art Print // Silver Candle Hurricanes (Crate and Barrel Outlet, but similar Here and Here) // Black Stools

If you've ever listened to me on the radio, then you've probably heard me say that if I weren't in radio I'd be doing interior design. Decorating is truly one of my passions. I especially love the process. Going to Homegoods several times a week, learning their delivery schedule and searching aisle-by-aisle (you usually even have a certain way you go about the store. I start to the right and then go all the way around the outside aisles first). You don't know what you're looking for, but when you see it you just know. Then slowly but surely, room-by-room, a house becomes your home.

While this apartment may not be a house, it did become my home for almost two years. I snapped these pics a few weeks before I left DC and going through them for this post was bittersweet. To be honest, I've put it off. I became more attached to this apartment than any other apartment that came before it. I realized after I sold all of my furniture and packed all my belongings into brown boxes, that it wasn't really the apartment I was attached to (although I will miss the view). I was attached to everything that came along with it. The chapter of my life that it represented.

This apartment represented me taking a major leap of faith in life, following my dreams, new friendships and independence in the most literal sense. I've lived on my own since I was 17-years-old, so paying for everything on my own isn't what I'm referring to. Venturing to a new city by myself, learning new roads (locating all the nearest HomeGoods), working at an entirely new company, meeting all new people and making all new friends-- that's true independence. I highly recommend everyone experience it at least once in their life.

The time I spent in DC was the best time of my life thus far. That's why saying goodbye to this apartment, and more so what it represented, was tough. There was definitely no shortage of tears. Thankfully, my amazing friends and my sister Jessica were there to help.

Having lived back in Tampa for two weeks now, I can say that moving back was the right move for me. Of course, I question it from time to time, since I've yet to find a job. Something about moving to DC and having that type of independence though, leaves me with extreme optimism. You see, I've done it. I feel like I can take on anything now, whether it be in Florida or elsewhere.

"We are here to grow & learn everyday. Trust that you will be given exactly what you need when you need it. Surrender to the process & know that whatever is truly meant to be yours, will be." -Anonymous

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